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Our Standards of Performance

Our mission, in keeping with Deaconess' Christian heritage and tradition of service, is to provide quality health care services with a compassionate and caring spirit to persons, families and communities of the Tri-State. All Deaconess Health System employees are expected to help fulfill this mission.

Our performance standards are specific behaviors that all Deaconess Health System employees are required to practice. Most of these behaviors are demonstrated instinctively by our conscientious and caring workforce. Our standards include high commitment to ethics & integrity, courtesy, privacy, communication, personal appearance, safety, facility care, quality improvement, and leadership. We define a customer as anyone with whom we come into contact, both internally and externally, which includes patients, physicians, visitors, fellow employees, vendors and contractors.

A message from Linda White...

The culture of Deaconess First is what we have come to know as creating the Deaconess difference -- a very positive difference for our patients, visitors, physicians, staff and volunteers. With Deaconess FIRST guiding us in our journey, we center our work life on:
• Fantastic employees
• Increasing quality
• Resulting in growth
• Superior service
• Top financial performance

We can achieve these hallmarks by working together and adhering to standards that truly reflect our Deaconess FIRST culture. The standards that make up our culture have been captured in this booklet by many individuals who promote excellence in everything we do. As you review the contents of this booklet, please concentrate on what you, as a representative of Deaconess Health System, can do in your everyday work life to promote the Deaconess FIRST culture. You are responsible and accountable for your own actions. You can make a significant contribution to our patients, visitors, physicians, fellow co-workers and volunteers by taking to heart the Deaconess standards. We are as strong as our fantastic employees.

You have heard it numerous times. . . Deaconess is not about brick and mortar. Deaconess is not about equipment. Deaconess is all about people. People who make a difference. People who care. People who demonstrate teamwork. People who are compassionate. Let us strive to be the best provider of healthcare. We owe it to our patients. We owe it to our community. We owe it to ourselves. We are on the Deaconess FIRST journey together. Together we will make the Deaconess difference.
    ~ Linda E. White
       President and CEO, Deaconess Health System

“Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.”
-Stanley Marcus

To our employees...


YOU are what people see when they use our services.

YOUR eyes are what people look into when they're frightened and lonely.

YOUR voice is what people hear when they ride the elevators, when they try to sleep, and when they try to forget their problems. YOU are who they hear on their way to appointments that could affect their destinies and who they hear after they leave their appointments.

YOUR comments are what people hear when YOU think they can't.

YOUR intelligence and caring are what people hope they'll find here. If YOU'RE noisy, so is Deaconess. If YOU'RE rude, so is Deaconess, and if YOU'RE wonderful, so is Deaconess.

No visitor or patient can ever know the real YOU, the you that you know is there -- unless YOU let them see it.  All they know is what they see, hear and experience.

And so, we have a stake in YOUR attitude and in the collective attitudes of everyone who works at Deaconess. We are judged by YOUR performance. We are the care YOU give, the attention YOU pay and the courtesies YOU extend.

Thank YOU for all you are doing.