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The Best Volunteers Belong at Deaconessvolunteers

Deaconess Hospital has been serving patients from all over the Tri-State since 1892. Throughout the years, Deaconess has continued to grow; and today, it is one of the largest hospitals in the area. Since the beginning, volunteers have been an important part of Deaconess Hospital. The most modern equipment cannot provide the personal touch that you, as a volunteer, can give. That “tender loving care” comes from your time, your talents and your energies.

The Deaconess Hospital Auxiliary was formed in 1960. The Auxiliary provides fellowship and leadership to the volunteer program in addition to its fund-raising capabilities.

Volunteers Make a Difference

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference, stay connected, and learn something new. Deaconess offers many volunteer opportunities for those who are willing and have the time to serve. Deaconess welcomes adult volunteers age 18 and over, as well as junior volunteers ages 14 to 17.

"I volunteer because when you volunteer a little of your time, you will be happier and you will live longer" - Ken Julian

"I volunteer to meet people and brighten the patient's day. When I deliver the paper and mail they are all very thankful, so that makes it all worth while." - Irma Grimm

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Information desk
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Sterile supply delivery
  • Gift Shop
  • Library
  • Patient mail delivery
  • Resource Center
  • Clerical duties in administrative offices
  • Greeter
  • Patient visitor
  • Gateway Emergency Department
  • Writing Living Histories

Join Us Today as a Deaconess Volunteer

The first step in becoming a Deaconess Hospital Volunteer is to contact the Volunteer Office at 812-450-3441 or email below to make an appointment with the Manager of Volunteer Services. Candidates will then be interviewed to determine areas of interest and available work hours. This interview helps the manager place volunteers where they will be happy and productive. To become an active member of the Auxiliary, adult volunteers must agree to volunteer 50 hours per year and pay $10.00 annual membership dues.

Contact Us

Deaconess Hospital Volunteer Office
600 Mary Street
Evansville, IN 47747

Do you have a question about volunteering at Deaconess? Please contact us!

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