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Student nursing

For Student Nurses

Deaconess provides student nurse opportunities for the development of future nurses. For more information about these positions, contact Hannah McNabb, Nursing Recruiter, or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Hannah McNabb, MHSA
Senior Nursing Recruiter
600 Mary Street, Evansville, IN 47747

Nursing Scholarship Application
The deadline to apply for the Nursing Scholarship is February 28, 2017.

Apply for a Graduate Nurse Position

Deaconess Student Nurse Academy

Deaconess is proud to introduce the Student Nurse Academy to the tri-state’s nursing students.  The Academy is an innovative program designed to give students in various levels of their nursing program experience to develop skills and confidence as they progress through their schooling.  Based on Pat Benner’s novice to expert nursing theory, students will gain valuable patient care experience in a hospital setting.

Program Details:

The Student Nurse Academy is designed for student nurses as early as their first semester in the nursing program.  As students progress through school and develop knowledge and skills, they are given the opportunity to enhance their technical skills with equipment and procedures and to care for patients in a hospital setting by working in a precepted environment under the direct supervision of experienced registered nurses.  Available clinical areas typically include: cardiovascular, med/surg, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, surgery, and the emergency department.  During the program there are opportunities to rotate to other hospital areas.

Level I

Academy Student Nurse

For students currently actively enrolled in an RN program.

Complete training course and RN EPIC electronic medical record training.  Under the direction of the RN preceptor, develop time management skills, learn fall risk prevention, pressure ulcer prevention, and learn the care and maintenance of foley catheter and documentation.

Forty hours per two-week pay period from June-July.  Eight week program, plus option of working 4 hours per pay period during fall and spring  semesters.

Level II

Academy Student Nurse Extern

For students who have completed at least two semesters of clinicals in an RN program.

Complete Extern orientation and RN EPIC training. With an RN preceptor, develop and refine technical skills, participate in care planning and patient education, participate in shared governance activities at the hospital and unit level, and participate in quality improvement activities including audits. 

Forty hours per two-week pay period from June-July.  Eight week program, plus option of working 4 hours per pay period during fall and spring semesters.

Level III

Academy Student Nurse Intern

For students in their final two semesters of the RN program.

With an RN preceptor, students will refine critical thinking skills, participate in coordination of care including discharge planning, and participate in medication management (from the level of documenting PTA meds to completing the medication reconciliation process).
16 hours per two-week pay period. Two 12 week semesters with 4 unpaid weeks off.

Level IV

Academy Graduate Nurse Technician

For students who have graduated, but not yet passed the NCLEX exam. Upon licensure, title will change to RN while continuing in orientation.

Students who are offered this position begin orientation on the nursing unit which they were hired to work after receiving Indiana RN licensure.  The new graduate will attend new nurse classes in addition to training on the nursing unit.  In the first year as a GNT/RN, attends 4 of 8 scheduled Nursing Network sessions to help with the transition from student to professional nurse.  Once through the individualized orientation, the new Registered Nurse is well-prepared as a new professional nurse.  The Academy Graduate Nurse role transitions into a full-time Staff Nurse position.


Qualifications and Requirements:

Candidates for the Student Nurse Academy Program:

  • Must be in good standing and currently enrolled in an accredited (ACEN or AACN) RN school of nursing and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher.

  • Must submit a current, official school transcript.

  • Must apply for the position at, complete screening process and interviews. 
  • After completing a job application or internal transfer application for the position, you will be sent a Student Performance Evaluation Form to be given to/completed by a recent faculty instructor.  If no clinical instructor to date, then the most recent classroom instructor fills out the form.

Benefits of the Program:

Academy Student Nurses will have secured temporary employment with more hours during the summer months and limited hours during the school semesters.  Scheduling is flexible and time off is granted as requested during the semesters, while meeting the required hours of the program.  Scheduling is during the day, evening, night and weekend shifts to give students experience in environments that registered nurses work.

Academy positions include financial compensation and the rates increase as students progress through the Academy.  If the student is offered and accepts a Graduate Nurse Technician position they will accrue seniority and paid time off based on hours worked during the Academy. 

Students gain experience with patients before clinical rotations, increase comfort level with being in the hospital setting, and become confident with basic skills including communicating with treatment team and patients, monitoring vital signs, and other duties delegated by licensed RN staff).   In addition, Academy students build relationships with staff within Deaconess and make key connections with nursing leadership.

2017 Program Dates


Spring Semester Summer Semester Fall Semester
January 16 – April 9, 2017 June 5 - July 31, 2017 August 14 - November 5, 2017

For Spring session, the deadline to apply is December 25, 2016. Please have all evaluations and transcripts submitted by Friday, December 30, 2016.  For Summer session, the deadline to apply is March 30, 2017. Please have all evaluations and trasncripts submitted by Friday, May 19 , 2017. Students who fail to submit all requirements to Human Resources by the deadline may miss the opportunity to be considered for the program.

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