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Wellness Screening Info

Reminder: To receive your wellness incentive, each participant must complete a wellness screening and the online health risk assessment. Please go to to sign-up/log into your MyWellness Portal and complete your Health Risk Assessment.

Employee Wellness has been working hard on revising our new wellness program for this year. Highlights for this year include a new tobacco cessation program and the return of Medication Therapy
Management (MTM) for qualified participants!
The Wellness Incentive requirements will remain the same. Please see the two required items below:
  • Complete onsite wellness screening
  • Complete Compass/Health Assessment in your MyWellness Portal

Wellness Screenings:

Wellness screenings will be year-round until the August 1, 2017 deadline. It is recommended to screen prior to April 1, 2017 to allow for time to complete MyWellness Portal activities and earn HRA dollars. Screening appointments will be available at Appointment dates and times will continually be added throughout the year.
Screenings will largely take place at the Main Campus Wellness Center and our new wellness center at
Deaconess Corporate Center on the eastside. There will be some appointments also scheduled at Gateway.

Reward Dollars:

Both you and your spouse will each have the opportunity to earn up to $400 reward dollars for your HRA account. Be sure you pick-up a rewards activity handout at your screening as some activity categories have changed from the previous year.


  • The Wellness Incentive is the amount of dollars added to our biweekly paycheck to help off-set medical insurance premium costs.
  • HRA dollars are used to help pay for medical expenses after your deductible has been met and cannot be used for pharmacy, vision or dental expenses.

Helpful Information:

  • To ensure the Compass will count for next benefit year, please be sure to complete between Sept. 15, 2016 to August 1, 2017. If completed before 9/15/16 it will NOT count towards next year.
  • The Compass/Health Assessment is NOT required to be completed before your wellness screening.
  • The wellness screening and Compass must be completed PRIOR to earning dollars for your HRA account. Activities done prior to the screening and Compass completion will be “pending” until the Wellness Incentive requirements are complete.
  • To see a summary of what you have earned during the program year, please go to your MyWellness portal (Redbrick) and navigate to the rewards page.

What Will My Screening Entail?  How Do I Prepare? 

Employees/spouses who take Deaconess medical insurance and who are interested in receiving the incentive must complete a wellness screening.
  • A 12 hour fast is required prior to screening appointment for all beneficiaries, unless pregnant at time of screening.
    • Labs can be drawn prior to screening date, please provide printed copy or inform wellness staff that they are available in Epic.   
  • Wellness screening consist of: Height/weight & BMI measurements, blood pressure reading & lipid profile (via fingerstick)
  • Mass Screenings: Held September – December
  • Recommended screen by date: April 1st, 2017
You are allowed to take prescribed medications if they are not required to be taken with food.

You must have your employee ID number. If you are a spouse of an employee, you must have your spouse's employee ID number.

If you are pregnant, you are not required to fast, but must complete your online health risk assessment and attend a screening. Notify the registration person when you arrive.

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