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For Our Employees

For New Employees

Welcome to the Deaconess Team!

We are pleased you have made the commitment to join the Deaconess team. Below you will find the resources and guidance that you will need to begin your successful career with us.

Index:  Paperwork Physical Exam  -  ID Badge  -  Letter of Confirmation  -  Work Schedule  -  Uniforms  -  On Boarding


You will have several forms to fill out -- tax documents, government forms, and hospital forms -- which need to be completed before your scheduled physical. You may stop by Human Resources at the main campus approximately one hour before your physical (or several days before) to complete the paperwork. You will need to take the completed Medical History form to your physical.

If you prefer, the forms are available online to download, print out and complete at your convenience. This step will save you time in the HR office prior to your physical.

When you come in to complete your paperwork, before your physical, you will need to bring the following items with you:

  1. A current photo ID (Driver's License or Passport).
  2. Your Social Security Card or Birth Certificate (a Passport will suffice for both #1 and #2).
  3. A blank check from your checking account with the word VOID written across it in big letters (for direct deposit of your paycheck).
  4. Any professional license and certifications you hold, such as a Registered Nurse license.

Physical Exam

We are a health care facility and are required to honor all state and federal regulations regarding employee health requirements. Therefore, you will need to bring the following items to your physical:

  1. A current photo ID (Driver's License or Passport).
  2. Your immunization records -- can be obtained from your physician, your former school district, your university or college, or a previous place of employment that required this information. These records may be faxed to the Deaconess Comp Center at 812/450-2960 or brought in on the day of your physical. If faxed, be sure to state on the cover sheet that the information is for a New Hire Physical.
  3. The completed Medical History form -- download the form online in New Hire Paperwork above, or available at the main campus HR office.

Questions concerning your immunizations can be addressed to the Comp Center at 812/450-2953. Please be on time for your physical.

ID Badge

Your ID Badge Photo will be taken when you report to Human Resources to complete your new hire paperwork. You should then receive your badge during On Boarding, unless your start date is before your On Boarding

Letter of Confirmation

You will receive, in the mail, a letter confirming your new job and its rate of pay. This letter has other important information, so please keep it for future reference.

Work Schedule for First Week

Your manager will need to give you your work schedule for your first week. If your manager does not contact you by one or two days before your start date, please call your manager and inquire.


Certain positions require uniforms. Please consult with your manager as to what to wear, whether or not the hospital will be providing a uniform for your position, and how and where to acquire your uniforms.

On Boarding

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On Boarding is a one day orientation offered every two weeks, generally on Monday. The program begins promptly at 8:00 am and lasts until approximately 4:15 pm. Every new employee MUST attend On Boarding within the first 30 days of employment. You may refer to your Letter of Confirmation regarding specifics on your scheduled session.

Please report to Human Resources at 7:30 a.m. for On Boarding. In On Boarding you will become acquainted with topics such as Corporate Compliance, HIPAA, Fire Safety, Cultural Diversity, etc.

Dress and Attire for On Boarding
You do not need to wear your uniform when you come to On Boarding, although you may if you wish. The attire for this event is business casual, but you will need to adhere to the hospital dress code. Below are some "do's and don'ts" to assist you. The dress code will be covered and is in your Employee Manual which you will receive the first day. Temperatures can vary in the room, so layers of clothing are a good idea, depending on your preference.

DO -- wear stockings or socks
DO -- wear something comfortable
DO -- wear something modest: polos, slacks and shirts with sleeves are acceptable
DO -- exercise good hygiene
DO -- come dressed for a photograph

DO NOT wear jeans
DO NOT wear denim
DO NOT wear logo apparel or collarless shirts
DO NOT wear flip flops, beach shoes or canvas sneakers (leather sneakers in good condition are acceptable)
DO NOT wear sleeveless halters or backless outfits
DO NOT wear shorts, capris or gauchos.
DO NOT wear sweatshirts or workout clothing.
DO NOT wear very tight or "see through" clothing.

Piercings should be limited to earlobes and tattoos should be covered



If you still have questions about getting started, please call 812-450-2359