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Community Benefit

Deaconess' Commitment

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In acting to fulfill our mission and public trust, Deaconess strives to benefit the communities we serve. These "community benefit" activities relate to accessibility and affordability of the community's health system. Community benefit activities pay specific attention to community collaboration, community capacity building and people in the community with unmet health needs.

Deaconess organizes and manages its community benefit programs that include measurable goals and involve the coordination of all health system components – including the medical staff. Community benefit programs build on and work to expand and align our ongoing health improvement and community service initiatives into our strategic plan and budget.

Collaboration with health services and other community organizations is an important characteristic of community benefit efforts. These initiatives can target physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, as well as community well-being. These activities involve funding and/or in-kind contributions, which include personnel, time, space or other resources.

Some examples of the many types of community benefit programming include:

  • Improving access to primary care, especially for the indigent
  • Managing some aspects of the uncompensated care problem to improve access to charity care
  • Facilitating enrollment in health care coverage for vulnerable populations
  • Providing direct assistance to community services
  • Supporting, providing and advocating health education, health promotion and disease prevention
  • Collaborating with other community organizations in initiatives that improve quality of life and help to create more favorable conditions in which people can be healthy

Since Deaconess is a not-for-profit health system, our community benefit activities support that not-for-profit privilege by sharing our resources to help people in the Tri-State community.