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MyWellness Portal

What is the MyWellness Portal?

MyWellness Portal is an on-line system designed to help you identify, set, and achieve your wellness goals.  This is the system you will use to obtain your wellness incentives.

How do I access the MyWellness Portal?

You can access the portal on your PC, smartphone or tablet by logging in here >  MyWellness Portal

How do I create my MyWellness account?

Once you’ve accessed the MyWellness site, click on “Don’t have a Username” to create your personal MyWellness experience. 

You will need the following information to activate your account:\
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Date of Birth
4. Member ID Number (found on your health insurance card)

If you have forgotten or misplaced you username and password you can request them via the MyWellness portal home page

How do I earn my Wellness Incentive in the MyWellness Portal?

Step 1 = Complete your Compass Health Risk Assessment in the MyWellness Portal
Step 2 = Complete your on-site Wellness Screening 

*All activities must be completed before August 1st, 2017
* Participants can begin using the portal on September 15th, 2016

How do I complete the MyWellness Compass Health Assessment?

You can complete your MyWellness Compass by clicking “Compass” on the left hand navigation bar or by clicking “1” on the Welcome Page.  

Where do I find the MyWellness Journeys in the portal?

Your personalized recommendations for Journeys can be found on your “HealthMap” under the associated Direction.  Select the most relevant Journey presented under “All Activities in This Direction” to get started.

How do I complete MyWellness Journeys?

Begin completing activities and unlocking stages until you’ve earned your badge and complete your Journey.  

  • Select an activity that interests you.
  • You can use the blue arrows on the side of the screen to scroll through the list of activities within the selected Journey.  
  • Once you’ve selected your desired activity, you must commit to your assignment by clicking “Commit” in the right hand corner
  • Your assignment is outlined on the bottom of the activity page
  • You have the option to send yourself reminders via email or text message; you can also opt out of reminders
  • After you’ve completed your assignment, don’t forget to come back and click “Complete” in the right hand corner.  This action will award you the points towards unlocking the next stage
  • You must complete enough healthy activities to earn enough XP points to unlock stages 1, 2 and 3 to earn credit for completing your Journey.
  • Once you’ve completed the final stage, you’ve earned credit for your Journey.
  • The average Journey takes 2 – 3 weeks to complete

Contact the Employee Wellness team at 
812-450-2429 or