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Nursing Shared Governance

At Deaconess, we believe that shared governance is a partnership between staff and leaders, collectively working toward one goal: providing quality patient care.

"Shared Governance is a structural model through which nurses can express and manage their practice with a higher level of professional autonomy.” -(Porter- O’Grady, 2003, Researching Shared Governance)"

The purpose of the Nursing Shared Governance Structure is to provide direction for the professional practice of nursing at Deaconess Hospital, Inc. The Nursing Shared Governance Structure at Deaconess Hospital, Inc., supports the professional practice of nursing. Inherent to the definition of the nursing profession is autonomy and the accountability to keep the patient at the center of care. The Nursing Shared Governance Model is an organizational structure providing direction for nursing services at Deaconess Hospital, Inc. The Nursing Shared Governance Councils define the Shared Governance structure for professional nursing practice decision making that demonstrates partnership, accountability and ownership for practice over site. Councils are attended by nurses from nursing units at Deaconess Main, Gateway and Cross Pointe. Membership includes ad hoc members, consultants, nursing leadership and the chief nursing officer.

Practice Council

This council takes ownership of the nursing profession by reviewing, revising, recommending and developing clinical nursing practice standards, policies and procedures. This council is responsible for keeping the Deaconess nursing profession current with evidence-based practice.  

Education & Professional Development Council

This council facilitates education of bedside nurses concerning nursing professionalism and development. Deaconess now offers full reimbursement up front for nurses interested in obtaining certifications in their area of expertise. 

Research & Evidence Based Practice Council

The mission of the Research Council is to provide a forum to assist, mentor and educate nurses and nursing students in their understanding of clinical research, evidence-based practice and clinical guidelines to deliver the best care to our patients.

Nursing recognizes the contributions of other disciplines and  collaborates in an interdisciplinary manner to achieve desired outcomes for patients and the diverse  community that we serve. Non patient care areas are represented on the councils through ad hoc members. Nurses at Deaconess have a voice in making decisions that impact patient care. Nursing is able to make a difference using evidence-based practice, impacting practice and standards. The Shared Governance structure within Deaconess allows nursing to express and manage their practice with a greater level of autonomy. Ownership and accountability is placed at the point of service.