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Medical Technology. Cytotechnology. Histotechnology.

Deaconess Hospital Medical, Cytology and Histology Technologists work in a progressive laboratory environment that performs services for inpatients, outpatients and those patients seen in the emergency room. The laboratory is staffed 24 hours per day and utilizes a dedicated phlebotomy staff for patient blood collections. We have a strong outreach services business with specimens coming into the laboratory from a 60-mile radius surrounding Evansville, IN.

In addition to the main hospital patients, the laboratory also provides testing services to a psychiatric hospital, rehabilitation hospital and urgent care centers located in the Evansville area. Laboratory medical technologists also staff the Deaconess Gateway Hospital and The Women's Hospital, providing all on-site laboratory services. As a successful technologist candidate, you would have the opportunity to be involved with the following areas and processes:

Chemistry section performs general chemistry, immunoassay, blood gas, and electrophoresis testing.   Examples of assays include Comprehensive metabolic profiles, therapeutic drug testing, urine drug screening, Thyroid assays, Cancer markers, Cardiac markers, Hepatitis, HIV, L/S ratios, and Indiana State Newborn accepted Sweat Chloride testing.  State of the art chemistry testing equipment includes Siemens instrumentation and automation system, Radiometer blood gas instruments and miscellaneous other smaller chemistry methods or analyzers .

Hematology/Coagulation section performs a variety of coagulation testing, complete blood counts, reads and identifies cells found in blood and bone marrow slides.  Sysmex instrumentation is utilized for CBCs and Dade instrumentation is utilized for Coagulation testing.

The full service Blood Bank provides blood products to surgical, inpatients and emergency department patients utilizing the gel technology for patient crossmatching. An active autologous program is in place to help meet the needs of elective surgery patents.

The Microbiology section of the laboratory performs bacteriology, mycology, virology and mycobacteriology testing. In addition, serology testing for infectious diseases and urinalysis is performed in this section

The Anatomic Pathology section utilizes the ThinPrep technology for cytology specimens. Histology services include the use of automated stainers, coverslippers and immunostainers.

A Sunquest computer system is utilized in all areas of the department with autoprinting of results to both inpatients and outpatients. A career ladder program for Medical Technologists is in place that allows them to grow professionally and receive monitory compensation for these efforts.

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