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Deaconess Hospital registered dietitians provide exceptional care and services to thousands of inpatients each year. Our self directed work team of 4-6 dietitians work in a very progressive patient-focused care setting. Explore how you can become a member of our team to further contribute to the success of our innovative department. As a successful candidate you may be involved in the following:

  • Active involvement in the hospital's Nutritional Support Team
  • Interdisciplinary involvement with a variety of inpatient care units
  • The opportunity for continuing education and tuition reimbursement
  • The use of the CBORD computer systems
  • Professional registration dues reimbursement
  • A peer-driven opportunity to attend ADA or ASPEN meetings
  • Being a member of a self-directed work team
  • Mentoring students in an internship program

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600 Mary St
Evansville, IN  47747
812/450-7484 (fax)

Bob Scheller

Equal Opportunity Employer