Before Delivery

Pre-Admission Begins Between Weeks 21-24

We are dedicated to making your baby's birth a positive experience from the moment you come to The Women's Hospital. The first step in achieving this goal is to ensure a fast, smooth admission process. To serve you better, we begin the pre-admission process anytime after 24 weeks - long before you notice the first signs of labor.

Our OB Pre-Admission Nurse will prepare you for your stay at The Women's Hospital and connect you to resources such as childbirth education and breastfeeding classes.

You may contact her at 812/842-4170 any time after 21 weeks of pregnancy to schedule your pre-admission appointment.

During this appointment, Our OB Pre-Admission Nurse will:
  • Verify that your admission papers are complete.
  • Collect insurance information.
  • "Enroll" your baby in the Web Nursery. (optional)
  • Assist you in enrolling in education classes to prepare you for labor and caring for your newborn.
  • Answer your questions about labor, delivery and newborn care.
  • Begin your hospital chart and present consent forms for your hospital stay.

There is no fee for the appointment, and you may choose to complete pre-admission activities in person or by phone. Please have your insurance cards available at the time of your appointment.

Thank you for choosing The Women's Hospital to share the birth of your special baby.