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Deaconess Is Designed for Safety
At Deaconess, we plan for safety at every step of patient care. We incorporate safety practices into everything we do, focusing on both technology and clinical safety. Our system approach is essential, because most medical errors are not the fault of any one person. Rather, they result from a combination of problems. We call these system errors, and we are committed to preventing them. To ensure your safety, we:
  • Continually improve safety practices through the efforts of patient safety teams
  • Train our employees about common medical mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Standardize and simplify processes to reduce mistakes.
  • Use new technology that prevents errors.
  • Design jobs and work environments for safety.
  • Monitor our patient safety protocols to ensure that they're working.
  • Dedicate the funds needed to continually improve safety for every patient.

All of these steps make it easier for our employees to provide safe care and harder for them to make mistakes.

Patient Safety Teams

Safe patient care doesn't happen by chance. It takes careful planning. Deaconess operates multiple patient safety teams to identify safety concerns and plan how to prevent problems. Team solutions may involve implementing a new process to prevent errors or purchasing new equipment that is safer. When a safety issue is dealt with effectively, a team may dissolve. But new teams are continually formed as part of our ongoing efforts to build a culture of safety.