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Go The Extra Mile

Curt Webb had never met the elderly woman who accidentally left her medication at Deaconess when she returned home. But even though he never saw her face or shook her hand, his acts of compassion connected both of their lives.

One day, Curt's phone rang. Patient Relations was on the other end, asking him to locate a courier to deliver the woman's medication. Curt, then a materials manager, sprang into action, trying in vain to find a courier since the patient lived outside the delivery zone - nearly an hour from Evansville.

Curt, now the director of radiology, didn't stop at "no." He rounded up the patient's medication - essential for her health - and hopped in his car, driving two hours round-trip to Madisonville in the middle of a busy workday. He stayed on the phone with the woman's granddaughter, who guided him around the back roads and met him on the porch. She was "thankful and appreciative," Curt says, "that she didn't have to make a return trip."

He never even saw the elderly woman, the reason for his midday drive. But that doesn't bother Curt. "I just do what I can," he says. "That's why we're here - to do whatever we can."