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Give A Little Extra

Several winters ago, when local families decorated their homes with Christmas lights and shopped for holiday gifts, one man was helpless and afraid after a car accident left him severely injured at a time when his family was struggling financially. In an inspired act of compassion, Deaconess staff helped brighten up a dark time for him.

A serious wreck in Kentucky left the man with a partially severed arm, and from the emergency room, he arrived in CT for scans. It quickly became obvious that in order to save his arm, he needed major surgery that required him being transferred to Louisville. The patient, despite heavy pain medication, talked to CT staff, showing them pictures of his two children on his cell phone and expressing concern that his wife wouldn’t be able to make the journey to Louisville – the family had only one vehicle, and he had been driving it. He also admitted he’d been working overtime so he could buy Christmas gifts for his family. “He was so polite. Everything was, ‘Yes, ma’am,’ ‘No, ma’am,’” recalls Krista Wilson, a CT tech. “He just seemed like a nice guy.”

The man’s plight touched his caretakers so much that they decided to collect money for him and his family. But time was running out – the patient had arrived only a couple hours earlier and was about to be transferred to Louisville. Krista and two other CT techs, Janet Alsop and Marie Wagner, rushed around the hospital, collecting a total of $221 from fellow employees. “Everybody dug in their wallets and gave us what they had,” Krista remembers. She delivered the money in an envelope to the man’s nurse, telling her he could use the money for whatever he needed most. She never saw the patient again but felt good about taking action with her coworkers to help him. “You always think about helping people,” she says, “And right at Christmas time, these stories really strike you.”